Great Plains / Rocky Mountain Region

Serving the great states of Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming
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What is Aglow?

  • Aglow International is a Kingdom Movement of both men and women committed to seeing God’s will done on earth as it is in Heaven. Aglow International is established in nearly 170 nations, all of which have indigenous leaders overseeing the work in their nation.
  • Aglow International is a worldwide trans-denominational organization of renewed Christian women and men who are committed to Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • Under the protective counsel of Christian leaders in each country, Aglow fellowships meet in local groups on all five major continents.
  • Aglow, however is much more than this simple statement, it is:
    “Men and women… ministering to other men and women; fellow-shipping together, worshiping, praising, and glorifying God in all areas of life, coming to a full knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord, Baptizer, Deliverer, and Healer…working for spiritual unity among Christian believers… encouraging other men and women to be active members of their local churches… learning their unique role and their many creative opportunities according to scripture.”

Vision Statement

To carry the truth of the Kingdom that:

  1. Restores people to a radiant place of relationship with God and one another.
  2. Breaks the tyranny of oppression.
  3. Brings freedom of empowerment.